English at Monkfrith


Language plays a vital role in the curriculum because it is through language that children formulate and express their ideas, organise their thinking and attempt to make sense of the world.

Children in all classes spend at least an hour every day on English skills. In the early years speaking and listening play an important part in developing the skills to read and write. The opportunities children are given to listen to and talk about stories, poems and their own experiences will help them to understand the structure of writing in its many forms.

Teaching children to read as soon as they are ready is a priority. We teach reading using a variety of strategies such as phonics and word families.  The children start in Reception on a phonic reading scheme as part of Oxford Reading Tree.  They continue on this until they are confident with their phonic decoding.  All children in Years 1 and 2 also read books as part of guided group sessions, which are also part of Oxford Reading Tree.

Children develop a real love of books and are encouraged to try a variety of types of book e.g. poetry, non-fiction, plays.

Children are encouraged to write independently as soon as they enter school. They will write for a variety of purposes and audiences e.g. story writing, reporting, letter writing.
Children are taught joined writing throughout the year groups in an appropriate way. By the end of Year 2 we expect the majority of children to have developed clear, legible, joined handwriting that is consistent in size, letter formation.

Children are taught to spell during their English lessons in a way that is appropriate to their age.

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