Our House Groups

In 2018, we held a school-wide competition to rename our housegroups.  There were some fantastic entries which were shortlisted by the teachers.  When we got to the final 8, there was a whole school vote.  The children decided (overwhelmingly) to name our house groups after the 8 planets of the solar system.

Housepoints are one of the ways that adults in school are able to reward and praise positive behaviour and good choices.  Each week they are collected by monitors in Year 6 or Year 5 and the winning housegroup is announced in Friday celebration assembly.

At the end of the Summer Term, after all the house points had been totalled, Jupiter were crowned the winners of the House Cup!

At our Sportsdays in June and July, both the KS1 and the KS2 Sports Day Cups were won by Saturn!