Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 with Miss Donaghy

The Guardian:

10th Oct Year 5 travelled to Kings Cross to participate in a workshop organised by the ‘guardian’.  This was the first time this particular workshop has been rolled out to such a large group.  The children made mini clips, just like those available to view on the online version of the newspaper.  Many thanks to the parents who supported us, your help was invaluable.


3rd – 5th Oct, we were fortunate enough to spend time at the Kingswood Activity Centre in Kent.  The class mascot, Ramsey, was also able to join us – participating in a few of the activities! It was an interesting time affording the children opportunities to challenge themselves; work collaboratively; encourage their peers and simply have lots of fun.  The children were also impressed by the food!

Here is a little bit about what we will be learning in the Autumn Term and how you can support your child.

Subject Area Learning How you can help at home


The children will be writing linked to the term’s topics and as such they will assume the roles of a variety of characters both from history and later from an imaginary world.


They will follow the correct conventions of writing a formal persuasive letter.


They will write a heart-felt diary entry and also become reporters to write up a factual newspaper article.


There will be an opportunity to write a story, as well as write a review for games.


The children will be writing a poem.

Encourage your child to look at the local paper or even invest in First News – a newspaper specifically for children.  Discuss articles with them, taking time to look at the organisation of both the paper itself and the individual articles.


Encourage your child to keep a diary.


Does your child ever write a letter to a member of your extended family or to friends who live elsewhere?  By setting up a writing relationship your child can look forward to receiving their very own post!


Your child should be reading every day for a minimum of 30 mins.  Encourage your child to get cosy and comfortable when reading.  Do you set a good example? Could you set aside 30 mins of family reading time where the house is nice and quiet?  Read the books they are reading so then you can engage in exciting dialogue, discussing character, setting, storyline as well as making predictions and inferring why certain events may occur as well as why characters behave in the recorded manner.  How does the author take you on this exciting journey?


Talk about any new, interesting or difficult vocabulary that they meet.  Do they need to use a dictionary to gain a better understanding?

Phonics/Spelling There will also be daily Spelling, Grammar or Handwriting lesson to develop technical skills that they can apply to their writing.
Creative Curriculum Off with her head!

Tudor England – Henry VIII and his 6 wives

Portraits – sketching and collage

Computing – research

Geography – historical maps

PSHE – rules and consequence


Alchemy Island

Computing – coding

D&T – designing a board game

Geography – map reading, using co-ordinates, human and physical features

Science – circuits, properties and changes of materials.  Working scientifically


Could you visit a place of interest?  A portrait gallery?

Encourage your child to read more widely to gain more information about the topics.



Participate in some good old-fashioned board games – you’ll be surprised how much conversation you will be able to generate! What makes them so much fun?  Is there a theme?  How do they work? Do they include questions or clues?  Do you need to follow instructions or a route?  What sort of language is used?

Maths Number

Place Value – knowing numbers to a million, being able to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, knowing negative numbers

Addition and Subtraction – using the column method to add/subtract more than 4 digit numbers, recognise the importance of inverse operations, multi-step problems

Multiplication and Division – to be able to x and ÷ by 10, 100 and 1000, to know multiples, factors, common factors, prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers


Graphs – to be able to draw, read and interpret line graphs

Timetables – to be able to read and interpret tables

Area and Perimeter

To be able to find unknown lengths, to be able to work out the area of rectangles and compound shapes, to be able to make estimations, to be able to measure perimeter and to be able to calculate perimeter

The children will need to know their times tables inside out and back to front.  For example:

7 x 8 = 56

8 x 7 = 56

56 ¸ 8 = 7

56 ¸ 7 = 8

and then the related facts:

0.7 x 8 = 5.6

0.8 x 7 = 5.6

5.6 ¸ 8 = 0.7

5.6 ¸ 7 = 0.8


The mental maths tests have been revised for this year and the aim is they will ensure a more secure understanding in order to achieve and progress through the levels

I will use to set homework sometimes, however the children can use it anytime to practise something we have learnt or test to make sure they that they can remember.

RE The children will be taught RE by Mrs Powell  – Pilgrimages and Holy Places By being respectful about all religions when discussion around religion occurs.  This may be through reading/watching the news or other programmes on the tv.

If you share a religion in your home make your child aware of any particularly important/significant places.

If you would like to come in and share your knowledge it would much appreciated J  Children learn best from those in a place of personal knowledge

PE All for Sport on Thursdays

Swimming on Fridays

Please ensure your kit is in school at all times.  Have you checked your child’s trainer size?

Where you deem your child to be well enough to be in school there is an expectation that they will swim – we have spare swim wear and towels in school, although children do feel more comfortable in their own.

KS2 – Spanish/Music The children will receive a 6-week block of music each half term with our specialist teacher Mrs Folen.





Your child will continue to broaden their Spanish experience with weekly lessons.

Encourage your children to listen to a wide range of different music styles.

Have you thought about joining the wonderful Monkfrith choir – who meet on Thurs 8:15am


Ask your child what their learning has been.  Can they recite the days of the week and months of the year?  Are their counting skills up to scratch?  Can they encourage you to hold a simple conversation about how you are?

Boxes of tissues would be greatly appreciated! We would also benefit from used newspapers, as we use these frequently during art lessons.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to write a note or make an appointment via the office to see me during the drop in time.  This is still Wednesday between 3:40 and 4:10.

I’m looking forward to an exciting first term and would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Miss Donaghy