Year 5


To the wonderful Year 5 parents and children,

Just to say a huge thank you for making my last day at Monkfrith so memorable. It really was a day full of laughter and tears! It has been a fantastic year and the children have made my time here very special.

Thank you for the lovely cards, your kind comments are much appreciated and for the very generous gifts. I will take great pleasure in spending the vouchers on some new holiday outfits!

I will be spending the next year travelling and moving house, but I hope to come back and visit, it will be great to see how the children are progressing and adapting to Year 6.

Have a restful and relaxing summer break and I hope to see you at some point in the future.

With very best wishes,

Carol Kearns



Welcome to Year 5 with Mrs Kearns.

Our Summer term brings us two new exciting topics, another busy term, but hopefully fun and full of learning too! We begin with Scream Machine, which provides opportunities to research and study roller-coaster rides and theme parks. We will learn about the science involved behind roller-coasters and use these as a prompt for our own poems and narratives. We also have a thrilling workshop scheduled, where we will build a giant roller-coaster and spinning Ferris wheel.

Following this, we will journey to the magical world of Alchemy Island. We will review images and illustrations of fantasy fortresses and landscapes and use these to help support our own narrative writing. We will need to solve riddles and decipher codes to help with keys and maps, when travelling around the island, in search of the hidden treasure. Armed with this knowledge, we will then be able to build our own fountain of gold!  To find out more, please refer to our Curriculum Overview below.

Homework will be set every Friday and must be returned on Wednesday morning.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact or come to see me. I look forward to a new term ahead.

Mrs Kearns

Year 5 Calculation Policy Leaflet.



Y5 CurriculumOverview Summer

Play in a Day – Be Active. Act Now!

Year 5 was lucky enough to be chosen to participate and perform a Play in a Day called Be Active. Act Now! The children had a great time, acting, learning lines and improvising to ensure they had the performance in place to deliver to KS2 and their parents.

With Hadley’s help, guidance and expertise, the children had a fun-filled day and rose to the challenge…we hope you enjoyed our show as much as we enjoyed delivering it. It really was amazing what we managed to achieve in just a day! A big thank you to Konflux Theatre workshop and Hadley.

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Architecture Workshop in Year 5

Today, Year 5 had the opportunity to extend their knowledge and experience of 3D shapes and we witnessed first-hand how they can be used to create structures. We worked independently, with partners and as a team, listening carefully to instructions.

There were two workshop sessions, split into morning and afternoon. The first important stage we grasped was creating a tetrahedron (a tetrahedron is a four sided shape with triangular faces). It transpires the triangle is the strongest shape and so is perfect for the roller-coaster and Ferris wheel we were proposing to build.

Take a look at the photographs and see for yourself is we mastered the objective. I think you will agree, the structures were pretty amazing! Impressive what you can achieve with wooden rods, elastic bands and huge determination!

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Year 5 at the British Museum

On Friday 17th March, Year 5 visited the British Museum, which links in with our Pharaohs topic. We watched a presentation about how mummification had developed over time and how the process has been developed further. We learnt how the first sand-dried mummies were formed, and even saw one in the Egyptian rooms, to the more complex and regal mummification processes, which were used for burying the pharaohs.

The British Museum had a wide range of Egyptian statues, artefacts and mummified bodies and a large number of sarcophagi, complete with hieroglyphics. A great day out!

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Year 5 at the Science Museum

On Monday 16th January, Year 5 went to the Science Museum, as part of their Stargazers topic.

We watched a 3D film called the Hidden Universe. Real images of distant galaxies, the sun and Mars were all witnessed, these had been taken by the world’s most powerful telescope, the Hubble. We found out more about the terrain of Mars and the spectacular galaxies, which are billions of years old.

We also visited the Exploring Space gallery, which showcases rockets, satellites, probes and landers. We found out more about how we’ve sent spacecrafts to other planets, walked on the Moon and peered into the heart of our galaxy and beyond.

It was great fun, and a little tiring, some chose to snooze on the tube on the way back!
SAM_1158 SAM_1160 SAM_1161 SAM_1169 SAM_1168 SAM_1164 SAM_1163SAM_1166

Year 5’s Trip to the Barnet Environment Centre

On Wednesday 14th September, Year 5 visited the Barnet Countryside Centre. This is situated on a 7.5 acre nature reserve, which is a “Site of Local Importance for Nature Conservation”. It was a really hot day, but it didn’t stop us from having fun completing all of the activities.

Pond dipping was our first activity and we found many different creatures, which we then identified using identification keys. After lunch, we walked through the reserve looking for signs of animal life cycles and plant life cycles through seed dispersal. Our photographs of the day are below…

sam_0698 sam_0725 sam_0697 sam_0724 sam_0723 sam_0722 sam_0719 sam_0720 sam_0721 sam_0718 sam_0689 sam_0683

Kingswood 2016

Year 5 returned from  Kingswood having had a great time! It was a full on itinerary, which meant we joined in with lots of different activities. We had a chance to use our map skills in the orienteering activity and also to solve problems…however, some of the best activities were the 3G-Swing, the abseiling and the  Laser Zone. A quiet weekend is probably a good idea for all…especially the teachers!

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Tales of the Plague Workshop (Tuesday 29th November)

Today Year 5 had a number of visitors from the 14th Century. We heard all about Alfie the medieval peasant and his pet rat, Robert Watts, Malcolm the Monk and a very oddly dressed Plague Doctor, who managed to recruit some Year 5s to help diagnose the dreaded disease!

The children participated with great enthusiasm. Whether it was visiting the doctor for a bizarre cure, acting in the Miracle Play (a first for Monkfrith!) or asking questions, they were totally engaged and interested. It was a great way for them to consolidate their learning, whilst finding out even more information and facts about our topic. The workshop really brought to life our Peasants, Princes and Pestilence topic and the props and costumes added authenticity.

A great morning with lots of learning and fun!

5K’s Class Assembly – 30th November 2016

Year 5 presented their class assembly on Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. As you can see from the photographs the children embraced their parts with great enthusiasm. Lines were learnt, plays written and songs performed, the children were a credit and should be delighted with their performance.

The work produced this term was shared and it was clearly apparent how much the children knew. They were a credit to the school and I am very proud to be their class teacher – well done 5K!

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