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Here you can keep up to date on all physical activity going on within our school. Please continue to check this page to see photographs from recent events, details of upcoming events, results and top physical activity tips!

Upcoming Events

24th May 2019 – Year 2 Football Festival 

Events Completed

18th October 2018 – Cross Country Meet 1 at Copthall Playing Fields

8th November 2018 – Sportshall Athletics at QE Girls’

22nd November 2018 – Sportshall Athletics FINAL at QE Girls’

17th January 2019 – Year 6 Football Tournament North

25th January 2019 – High 5 Tournament North – Postponed 

31st January 2019 – Year 5 & 6 Girls’ Football Tournament North

6th February 2019 – High 5 Tournament North – New date 

13th February 2019 – High 5 Tournament Final  

6th March 2019 – Year 5 Football Tournament North

19th March 2019 – Cross Country Meet 2 at Copthall Playing Fields

20th March 2019 – Year 4 Football Tournament North

Monkfrith teams

The sporting season has began and our Monkfrith Football and Hi5 Netball teams are preparing for their leagues. Follow our teams below:

Barnet Schools Sports Reports

Small School East Barnet League FINAL
Monkfrith V Holy Trinity
We did it we won! Match report to come soon. CHAMPIONS!
Dick Bailey Quarter Final – Monkfrith V Akiva
On Tuesday the 2nd April, we were played Akiva in the Dick Bailey Cup -Quarter Final. This is a cup that goes against any size school in Barnet and we are really proud that we got to the Quarter Final.  We knew Akiva would be a very tough match but we felt positive. The first half was tough, as we expected and we defended most of the half. We worked so hard and blocked many shots. Avika did managed to get passed us twice though, making it 0-2 at half time. The second half was a different story. We attacked them much more but unfortunately we just couldn’t score, despite all our efforts and chances. It wasn’t our day and in the last minutes, Akiva got their third goal to finish the match. Super proud of Monfrith for their determination and never give up attitude. They did our school proud and I am super impressed with their progress as a team. Well done boys. 
Cross Country Meet 2
On Tuesday the 19th March, we attended the cross county meet 2, where twelve children from Year 4 to 6, not only competed for their own personal position but as a team they competed for point as a school. Well done to Tomini, Grace, Jean, Elliot, Charlotte, Ellie, Timo, Alex, Ece, Poshia, Dillon and Jack. They showed great determination and sportsmanship by encouraging and supporting each other. One child lost his shoes in the mud, picked them up and finished the race in his socks. One slipped over and ended with a cut lip. This resilience was great to see. We gained three medals. Jack and Charlotte were placed 2nd and Timo was placed 3rd out of 76 runners. 
Finally our scores were added together and out of 33 schools that entered the two cross country events, we came 10th.
This is an amazing achievement. We are very proud of them all. Well done. 
Thank you for the parents help and support. 
Year 4 Football Tournament
On Wednesday 20th March, we attended the Year 4 football tournament. We were lucky enough to enter two teams for this event, giving more children the chance to play football. One of the teams progressed to the semi finals, where they drew to take the match to penalties. Unfortunately, we lost on penalties, so played in the 3rd and 4th place match. The players played some great football but we just weren’t good enough on this occasion. I know the children were disappointed but we are super proud to say we were 4th out of 25 school that competed. Well done. 

Monkfrith V St John’s N11

On the 14th March, our football team played their final league match of the season. Despite the very muddy conditions, they didn’t let this effect their game. It was a great match to watch and they just get better every time we watch them. The end result was a very well deserved 5-0 win. 

A special mention to Zaid, who was voted players player for his determination and goal scoring ability on the day. Well done to all the boys: Jack, Sebastian, Zaid, Sofian Alex, Joe, Ned, Timo, Emre and Zac.

Thank you to everyone that came to support us at Livingstone school. We are waiting to hear if we have done enough to go through to the small schools finals, as we have won 3 matches and lost 1 – giving us 9 points in total. As it stands, there are currently two other school in a similar position, who have won 2 and lost 1 match. 

Year 5 Football Tournament

On the 6th March, Year 5’s football team took part in the Barnet annual football competition. 18 school from East Barnet were competing. They worked hard and played great football together. They won all the games in their group, which meant they progressed to the semi finals. Unfortunately, they faced Akiva (they ended up winning the tournament) and lost 2-0.  They then went into a 3rd/4th play-off against Livingstone. Our boys were 2-0 up with minutes to go, until Livingstone received a penalty, which made it 2-1. In the last 20 second, Livingstone scored another making it 2-2. This meant the game had to be decided through penalties. It was an extremely dramatic shoot out, which ended up with Ezra saving the 5th penalty and Zac having to step up for their penalty, if he scored they win bronze medals. Well of course he did. They won bronze! Congratulations to our team: Ezra, Alex, Emre, Timo, Ned, Zac and Joe. Miss Pierides was very proud of both the way they played and the way they conducted themselves. 

Year 6 Football Tournament

It was a pleasure taking the Year 6s to a football tournament. They worked well as a team, supported each other and won two out of four matches. 

Monkfrith V Manorside – Dick Bailey Cup Round 3

On Friday 15th February, Monkfrith travelled to Tudor School to play Manorside in the Dick Bailey Cup. It was a fantastic match and the team just improve with every match they play. They won deservedly 2-1. Through to the Quarter Finals against Akiva. 

Monkfrith V Our Lady of Lourdes

On Tuesday 12th February, Monkfrith travelled to Livingstone School to play on their grass pitch against Our Lady of Lourdes are our third league match. We knew it would be a tough match but we were positive and excited to play. We started well attacking their area but Our Lady of Lourdes also attacked us several times looking dangerous and strong. The first half ended 0-0. We started the second half very well and we looked good. Starting to pass the ball around more and creating numerous attacks. Eventually, our attempts created a well deserved goal and later that half a second. The score ended 2-0. Another well deserved win. 

All the boys worked hard but a special mention to Alex, Sebastian and Joe for playing another strong defensive performance. Zac, Timo and Ned for their constant attacking and recovery rans supporting the defence. 

Monkfrith V Holly Park 

On the Tuesday 5th February, Monkfrith football team travelling to Finchley Powerleague to play against Holly Park in the East Barnet Cup. The players played some amazing football and attacked Holly Park’s goal many times but their defence and goal keeper kept saving their every efforts. despite their every efforts, Holly Park snuck in the winning goal in the last minutes of the game to win it 2-1. Super proud of our players determination and teamwork. It wasn’t to be our day. 

Year 5 and 6 Girls’ Football Tournament 

On Thursday, in the chilly weather 10 brave girls attended their football tournament. They don’t train together but they just enjoy playing. The first match was against a very experience team, who train and play matches weekly, so unfortunately we lost. The girls learned a lot from this match and took on board all the advice given. The second match was much more even and we scored our first goal. It was 1-0 up until the final seconds when the opponents scored to make in 1-1. We were super excited to draw though and our spirits were high. The match two matches were also very even and we drew them also. The parents and I were super impressed at how much they improved from match to match and we really enjoyed watching. 

Well done girls. 

Monkfrith V Whitings Hill

On the 21st December, Monkfrith football team played in the Dick Bailey Cup Round 2. We travelled to Whitings Hill and played on the astro pitch. It was a great match and possibly the most skilful side we have come up against this season but we played some amazing football. Monkfrith showed how they have really come together as a team and teamwork was really the key to this match. We had to defend very well and Jack (our goal keeper) had to make many crucial saves but our skills, combination play and determination proved best on the day. We won 4-1. Through to Round 3. Well done. We are so proud of you and we enjoy watching the way you play together more and more as a team. 

Keep it up. 

Miss Pierides 

Monkfrith V St Paul’s N11

On the 21st November, Monkfrith football team played their second league match against St Paul’s N11. It was a close game and both teams battled until the end. Monkfrith played really well and won 2-1. Congratulations to Timo who was voted players player.

On Tuesday 13th November, Monkfrith football team played in the Dock Bailey Cup against Brookland Junior School. We started a bit slow and our keeper Jack kept us in the match with some great saves. After half time, I saw the team that I know. They were move confident and moved the ball around effectively. We went 3 – 0 up and looked very comfortable. In the last minutes of the match Brookland were rewarded a penalty and the end score became 3-1.

Congratulations to Sebastian who was voted players player.

Well done boys. First win of the season and we look very promising. I can’t wait to see them play again next Wednesday.

Miss Pierides

Monkfrith V St. Theresa’s

On Tuesday 16th October, it was a new season for Monkfrith football team. Our first match had arrived – Monkfrith V St. Theresa’s.

In the first three minutes the other team managed to claim the first goal to make it 0-1. Just a short time after our right winger Zaid had run down from the halfway line to get our first goal to make the score a fair 1-1. For the rest of the first half Sebastian managed to score but then the other team got two goals to get the score up to 3-3.

In the second half, we worked hard to score two more goals to make it 5-3. After that our luck changed and we couldn’t hold onto the lead. Sadly, the other team scored two more goals to make it even and then another making it 5-6. Despite our many attempts on goal and our determination we couldn’t score again.

Although we had a brilliant match, we were not able to claim the victory that we had wished for. It was a very promising first match and we are looking forward to our next one.

Alex – our defender was amazing. He saved us many times and even had an attempt on goal himself.

A special mention to Ned, who stepped into defence and tackled a very skilful Year 6 boy many times during the match. Even St Theresa’s teacher praised how well he played, and how shocked he was at how he kept up with his striker. A very well-deserved players player voted by his team mates.

Well done team! Let’s go into our next match positively. Thank you Miss Pierides and all the parents that helped us get there.

Congratulations to Ned who was voted players player.


Written by Jack (Year 6)

Hi 5 Netball Tournament FINALS

On the 13th Feburary, Monkfrith Hi 5 team travelled to Hi 5 Netball Finals where the best 8 schools in Barnet competed. We came across very tough and experienced schools, which was why they were in the finals. We came 7th over all in Barnet, which we are very proud of and the team had a great experience and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Hi 5 Netball Tournament

On the 6th February, our Hi 5 Netball team, travelled to Copthall school to play in the annual Hi 5 East Barnet tournament. They were grouped with four other schools and played three group matches – drawing one and winning the other two. This got us enough points to win our group and progress into the semi-finals. This was a tough match against a very experience school, who beat us to go into the final. We then played for the bronze medal but unfortunately met our match and lost. 
Despite losing, we were 4th out of 18 East Barnet schools. This is a great achievement and we are very proud of the players. We never expected this. Being 4th, means that we are in the Barnet Schools’ Final next week to play the other top schools on the borough. Good luck team. 


Hi 5 Netball League matches 

On the 15th January, our Hi 5 team played against Church Hill in their second match. They were super impressive and fought hard as a team. Great teamwork paid off and they won the match 3-1. Well done team. Their hard work and listening in training has really paid off. 

Year 6 Football Tournament 

On the 17th January, six year 6 children attended the annual football tournament. They worked really hard together as a team. Resulting in 2 wins but 2 losses. We were also very proud to receive a certificate for showing fantastic School Games Values, during the tournament. What an honour. Well done boys. 

Sportshall Athletics at QE Girls’ – We’re in the FINAL

On the 22nd November, the excited Sportshall Bronze medalist attended the Barnet schools final ready to compete against the other 5 top schools in the borough. We athletes worked really hard and did the best that they could. It was thrilling to watch. With all the points added up at the end, we came 5th school in the borough of Barnet – but I will remind you that we are the number 1 small school. A fantastic performance from all. It was a great pleasure to take such well behaved and mannered children and an honour to be in the finals. We are so proud of you all. 

On the 8th November, a selected group of Year 4, 5 and 6 children attended a very competitive indoor athletics competition against North Barnet schools. The children were incredible and made us very proud. They worked so hard that they came 3rd out of the 14 schools that attended. This means that they will now compete against the top 6 school in Barnet. We are the ONLY small school to get to the Sportshall Final.

Well done team and good luck for the final on the 22nd November. You have already made us very proud. Gooooo Monkfrith.


Cross Country Meet 1 Report

On 18th October 2018, it was a beautiful day for cross country. Year 4, 5 and 6 competed in our first meet of the year against all Barnet schools. The children were incredible and they made us super proud, not only for their running but also for their behaviour and sportsmanship.

Well done to all the runners:

Jeslyn will now go on to represent Barnet at the London Games.

A special mention to Sebastian, who gave up his position in the race to help a boy from another school who was having trouble breathing. We hope the boy is now ok.

Cross Country Meet 1 Results 

Final Results are in. We are super proud to announce that the combined scores of our runners made Monkfrith 5th against about 37 schools in Barnet.