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Here you can keep up to date on all physical activity going on within our school. Please continue to check this page to see photographs from recent events, details of upcoming events, results and top physical activity tips!

2019-20 Achievements (before lockdown)2

Football Team

  • Won two league matches and drew one
  • Reached the Semi Finals of the East Barnet Cup against Hollickwood which was never played
  • Reached the Quarter Finals of the Dick Bailey Cup against Scared Heart which was never played

Sportshall indoor athletics

  • Gold medals for the East Barnet Schools
  • Gold medals in the top 6 Barnet Schools Final.
  • Competed in the London Youth Games.

Cross country

  • Meet 1 – 15th overall out of 38 school

High 5 Netball

Virtual Skipping challenge

  • Silver for our KS1 overall score
  • Silver for our KS2 overall score

Virtual Rowing (Year 6 Day event)2019-20

  • 1st and 2nd in the individual girls
  • 4th boys team event
  • 1st girls team event
  • 2nd mixed team event

Barnet Virtual League 2020-21

Autumn Term Achievements

Well, what a great Autumn term we had! Monkfrith are the KS2 Barnet champions. Thank you to all the children that participated across the six competitions and congratulations to our overall winners in each sport. If you have not seen, there is a video presenting the sports certificates and medals for all the children that achieved top scores in one of the competitions and medals for children that were in the overall top three children in Barnet.

Medals and certificates.

Long Jump tops scorers: Year 1: James (gold medal), Louis, Julia, Issa and Rahul (bronze medal); Year 2: Jack, Andrew, Bronywn and Nick.

Quadkids top scorers: Year 3: Theodore, Zack and Erin; Year 4 Zekeriya, Emily, Ben and Reece; Year 5: Rigels, Milan, Jason and Christoforo; Year 6: Dillon, Philbert, Sean, Jack, Leo, Oscar, Paniz and Olivia D.

Boccia top scorers: Year 2: Jack (silver medal); Year 3: Iris (bronze medal); Year 4: Andreas 4SL – (gold medal); Year 5: Kamran (silver medal); Year 6: Philbert (gold medal) and Leo (gold medal)

Football top scorers: Year 3: Adam; Year 4: Ben; Year 5: Christoforo; Year 6: Sean W

Badminton top scorers: Year 3: Leyla (silver medal) and Andrew (silver medal); Year 4: Andreas 4SL – (gold medal); Year 5: Tommy (gold medal); Year 6: Philbert (gold medal), Sean P (gold medal), Mehr (gold medal), Poshia (gold medal), Shriya (gold medal) and Abigail (gold medal)

Netball top scoring pairs: Year 3: Gideon and George; Year 4: Reece and Ben; Year 5: Milan and Rigels; Year 6: Daniel and Luka

New Age Kurling top scorers: Year 3: Leyla; Year 4: Elina and Ben; Year 5: Louis; Year 6: Poshia (silver medal)

Barnet Virtual Skipping Challenge

During Autumn term, the Year 6’s and 5’s completed in the KS2 skipping challenge. The top 10 children from each year group were recorded and sent to Barnet. 17 schools took part; so 170 children overall. Congratulations to our top skippers: in Year 5: Gabi who came 9th, Nicole 16th and Ellie 27th out of 170. Year 5 came 3rd overall with a total of 951 skips; in Year 6 well done to Dillon with 144 skips and Jack with 130 skips for being 1st and 3rd in Barnet with an overall total of 1071 skips.

Our top 10 Year 6 Skipping results

1st Dillon Gold 144
2nd Jack Bronze 130
3rd Daniel 121
4th Olivia L 115
5th Philbert 101
6th Nicholas 99
7th Lemoni 94
8th Tom 89
9th Kerem 89
10th Luka 89

Our top 10 Year 5 skipping results

1st Gabi 128
2nd Nicole 111
3rd Ellie 102
4th Rigels 101
5th Milan 97
6th Emilie 94
7th Hamza 89
8th Eesha 79
9th Alex 78
10th Naomi 72

The total overall score of both year groups makes us 1st in the league so far. Year 4 are up next and then Year 3. Let’s hope we can keep our top spot.