At Monkfrith, spelling is taught as part of a structured programme across the week.  The children carry out investigations into sounds, patterns and etymology.  We do not carry out regular spelling tests as we want to focus children on applying their knowledge and spelling strategies in their writing, however there is a weekly dictation to encourage the children to use their spelling knowledge as part of the writing process. Spelling is also addressed as part of writing and grammar sessions.

If you would like to support your child with developing their spelling strategies at home, then you may find the lists below helpful.  They are a sample of words that your child be taught across the year and should be able to spell by the end of the Summer Term.

Year 1 Spelling List

Year 2 Spelling List

Year 3 Spelling List

Year 4 Spelling List

Year 5 Spelling List

Year 6 Spelling List

Extension List Year 6