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A welcome from Friends of Monkfrith School (FOMS)

Who are FOMS?

FOMS is the parent teacher association (PTA) of Monkfrith School and is a registered charity that runs to support the activities of Monkfrith school. All parents, guardians, carers and teachers are members of the association. We have a Committee of parents who are at the heart of planning events and making decisions aimed at best supporting the school with the funds we have raised. We also have charity trustees who ensure FOMS complies with its constitution including acting in a responsible way to help achieve its two central charitable aims. These are:

    1. To fundraise for the school to provide some of the extras that the school budget cannot otherwise cover
    2. To contribute to building the sense of community we have at Monkfrith by putting on fun events and supporting other school events

How does FOMS benefit the school?

FOMS is an integral part of the school community and has, over many years, raised and spent thousands of pounds on equipment and resources which have enhanced our children’s learning and educational experience. In addition to fundraising activities, FOMS exists to provide closer links between home and school, and also encourages staff, parents and friends to come together and support the school and its activities, thus enhancing the overall community spirit of the school.

What events do FOMS run throughout the year?

Currently, our events include:

  1. Quiz Night
  2. Christmas Cards for Schools – personalised cards and other items at Christmas time
  3. Christmas Fair and Raffle
  4. Bingo Night
  5. Popcorn Sale
  6. Easter Tea Party
  7. Summer Fair and Raffle
  8. End of Year Disco
  9. Various Coffee mornings throughout the year (free of charge, of course!)

How do FOMS support Monkfrith School?

New Sensory Trail

FOMS are thrilled to be match-funding a £10,000 grant that has recently been awarded to the school by the National Lottery to create an outdoor ‘Sensory Trail’. The Sensory Trail is an exciting new outdoor space consisting of a combination of hobbit mounds, bird houses, boulder stacks, amphitheatre, dry river bed and more. It will be located around the bottom playgroup within the ditch next to Monkfrith Way. It is currently scheduled to be built during the February 2019 half-term.

In addition to the sensory trail, we have recently agreed or provided funding towards:

  1. A-Maze’ing Allotment Project – New Allotment Project built in April 2018
  2. A History of Math Theatre Performance (school-wide)
  3. Christmas entertainment for the children
  4. Year 6 Leaver’s hoodies and disco
  5. Year 3 African Drumming lessons
  6. Contribution to Year 4/5 swimming lessons
  7. New guided reading books for KS1 classes
  8. Contribution to the school texting service
  9. Purchase of new ‘Reading Shed’ for outdoor Reception area

How you can get involved?

There are lots of ways you can help and support your child and the school through FOMS.  Firstly, we are always looking for new members to join our Committee. We are a fun, friendly team of parents who enjoy planning events and being part of the greater Monkfrith Community. If you would like to find out more about what it means to be a committee member, please email us at friendsofmonkfrithschool@gmail.com

There are many other ways to support FOMS. Offering to help before events or at other times during the year is extremely valuable. It doesn’t matter if you can’t help on a regular basis or even if you cannot come into school. There are always jobs that can be done from home if you have an hour to spare e.g. wrapping gifts, preparing raffle tickets etc.  FOMS couldn’t achieve what it does without help from parent volunteers.

Other ways to get involved include:

  1. Becoming a Class Representative and acting as a liaison between FOMS and your class parent group
  2. Organising a class-wide event in support of FOMS (coffee morning and/or evening out etc)
  3. Supporting the Christmas and Summer Fairs by donating items needed, helping prepare ahead of the event, and volunteering an hour or more of your time during the event
  4. If you or someone you know has a business, we are always looking for new partnerships with local businesses. This can include:
    1. Sponsorship of FOMS at key events (i.e. sponsor the grotto rooms, bouncy castles etc)
    2. Donation of Raffle Prizes
    3. Match Fund an Event
    4. One-Off Donations
  5. Please let us know if you have any contacts or skills we could use, everything is potentially valuable to us
  6. Finally, one of the most important ways of supporting FOMS is to come to our events! It is a great opportunity to check us out, have fun and support the school and your children all at once

From the FOMS Committee:

Morgan (Chair) – Y4P, Y2S Jenny (Secretary) – Y3P Pri (Treasurer) – Y3P, Y3M
Elly –  Y1B, Y6 Carolyn- Y4P, Y2K, Rec Giuliana – Y4P, Y1K
Svetlana – Y3M, Y1B Valentina – Y3M, Y1K Clare – Y2S, Y1B
Anthea – Y4P, Y2S Lucy – Y3M Sab – Y2K
Rupali – Y4F Rajeh – Y2S, Rec

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