School Dinners

We are committed to providing healthy school dinners for our children. All of our school meals are “home cooked” daily in our own kitchen, using fresh ingredients. The meals are well balanced and nutritious and each day the children can choose from a meat / fish option or a vegetarian option. We encourage children to select choices from the salad bar that is also available every day.

Alternatively, children can bring in a packed lunch from home which is also eaten in the dining hall with their year group. Children changing from school meals to packed lunches, or vice versa, should give the school four weeks notice by informing the school office or by sending in a note in your child’s bookbag.

Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 are now entitled to free school meals. Please let the office know if your child will not be taking up the free dinners offer. Free school meals are also provided for any KS2 children meeting the national criteria.

Our lunch menus follow a three week cycle. Please view menus by clicking the link below:

Summer Term 2021 Menu 3H


Dinner Money For This Half Term

Dinner money for children in years 3-6 is £11.75 per week. Please use Arbor.  At least one week’s written notice to the office via text/email is required to change to/from school dinners.

Please remember, if your account is in arrears, you will receive a text reminding you of the amount owed. If your debt has not been paid by the following Monday, your child will need to bring a packed lunch on Tuesday and continue to do so until the debt is cleared. If you are regularly in arrears, your child will be unable to have school dinners. If  payment is an issue, you may be entitled to apply for Free School Meals.  Visit