Code Club

Monkfrith Code Club

Monkfrith Code Club is open to Key Stage 2 and runs on Wednesday morning from 8am following material provided by

We are working our way through the Scratch projects (, creating interactive animations and games. Starting with ‘Rock Band’ where we create interactive musical instruments and learn about sprites, how to interact with them, manage their costumers and produce sounds. In ‘Lost in Space’ we start animating our sprites and then continue to build on these concepts to create a variety of increasingly complex games (‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Boat Race’, …) and applications (‘Chatbot’, ‘Paint Box’…).

What we’ve done so far

Our Projects:

Scratch Resources



  • Do not include any personal details in projects published in Scratch.
  • Keep your passwords difficult to guess, easy to remember and secret.
  • Keep coding!

Project material:

Typing Resources


  • The only rule is DO NOT look at the keyboard

Other Apps and Games

Some more coding resources:

The following games are great for getting in a ‘coding mind set’.

The following books use stories to introduce coding principles.