Year 6






Welcome to Year 6 with Mrs Ditchburn.

What an amazing job the children did in building their Anderson Shelters last term.  They are incredible.  

Welcome to the Summer Term!

I hope everyone is well rested, ready for some hard work as we have so much to do and so little time.   

Here is a little bit about what we will be learning in the Summer Term and the ways that you can support us!

Subject Area Learning How you can help at home
English    We will do most of our writing through our topics, Blood Heart and Gallery Rebels.  In the first half term, the children will be writing a biography and information texts  about the heart and circulatory system.  Followed by a short story in the second half, using a picture for inspiration. There will also be Spelling and Grammar lessons to develop technical skills  to apply in their writing.        Talk about our topic.  Any additional research           will make them better writers!

Reading for at least 30 minutes each day                     makes a huge difference!

Talk about new and interesting vocabulary                that they come across and make sure they                understand the meaning.

Spellings for this term will be sent home in                 their homework books.

Year 6_Reading list

Make sure that anything they write at home is          in joined up handwriting (except for                              capitals), the spelling is correct and sentences            make sense.    Practise makes permanent.

Maths We will be revising our arithmetic techniques and continue to find the best strategies to solve word problems.  We will also recap geometry and statistics.


       This term please continue to focus on times             tables.  The  children will need to know their               times tables inside out and back to front.  For              example:      7 x 8 = 56     8 x 7 = 56

      56 ÷ 8 = 7  56 ÷ 7 = 8

and then: 0.7 x 8 = 5.6 0.8 x 7 = 5.6

5.6 ÷ 8 = 0.7   5.6 ÷ 7 = 0.8


Sometimes, I will use to            set homework. However, the children can                  use it  anytime to practice something we                    have learnt  or test to make sure they can                  remember.

Creative Curriculum In Summer 1 our topic is Blood Heart.  This topic is science based; the children will have an opportunity to research the function of the heart and explore how physicians discovered the circulatory system.  They will also look at the effect of exercise  and nutrition on the body.

In Summer 2, we turn to Art and the different techniques used by artists – old and new – to create some of the most amazing paintings and sculptures in the world today.  The children will use these techniques to create their own unique artwork for display.

              Please talk about the topic and encourage                    your child to do additional research to                        help improve their knowledge and                               contribute more in class.
RE The focus for this term will be ‘Beliefs in Action’.         Talk about the things we are learning.
PE  Our PE lessons will take place on Thursdays.    Please make sure that all kit is labelled clearly            and is in school on the correct day.                              Shoulder length hair should be tied back.
Spanish and Music These lessons are taught by specialist teachers following the National Curriculum.


Your child will be taught reading and how to understand complex texts as part of whole class reading sessions.  In addition to this, they will also be given a book that they are expected to read during the course of a half term and have in their bag every day.  I would also encourage the children to read their own choice of books either from our class library or from home.

Home Learning

This will be set on a Friday and should be handed in on Wednesday.  It will consist of spellings to practice, maths and then either grammar or something related to our topic.  Please also note that I am available to support children with their home learning on Monday and Tuesday lunchtime (12.15 – 12.45).

Isle of Wight – May 2018

Having arrived safely, we hit the beach.  Here are a few pictures to highlight what we have been up to.  (We will try to include all children in the photos on our page over the course of the week)














Everyone is having a great time, postcards are written and on their way!




Some photos from our trip to the Royal Institute on Tuesday 29th January.  The children had an amazing time extracting their DNA.