Year 6

Isle of Wight 2024

Sunday – Good morning from the Isle of Wight! The children have had some sleep after a long day of travelling and playing at the beach yesterday. This morning we are going to the Zoo! Here a couple of photos of our first day.

Monday – Today was really busy. In the morning we visited the zoo and had a guided tour of the work that they do for conservation of species. Then it was back on the coach to go to Godshill Model Village and the souvenir shop! Then back to the hotel for dinner and then we went bowling in the evening.

Tuesday – We enjoyed an historical treasure hunt around Carisbrooke Castle today and then climbed the battlements to look out across the island. In the afternoon, we had a little walk followed by a round of crazy golf. Then in the evening we played some games and laughed…a lot!

Wednesday – Today, despite the forecast we have been extremely lucky with the weather. After breakfast, we went to play in the park. Then we hopped on the coach to Osborne House. We have visted the house and the grounds as well as taking part in a workshop about life in Queen Victoria’s home. Then it was back for dinner, a play on the beach and finally, as always, a round of the quiz.

Thursday and Friday

Yesterday we had a great day at Blackgang Chine. The children enjoyed going on the rides and playing in the playgrounds and parks. Then we came home and had dinner before playing in the garden here at the hotel. We finished the day with some packing and quizzing.

This morning, it is final bits of packing, breakfast and then a trip to the park before getting on the coach and heading home. We are aiming to be back by 3.30pm but we will keep you updated. I know that you will be very excited to see your children, but please make sure that we dismiss them safely to you when the coach gets in. See you soon!

Welcome back to Year 6 with Miss Shah and Miss Kontos

Just a quick request – please donate a tissue box.

Year 6 Curriculum Overview – Autumn Term

Subject AreaLearningHow you can help at home
EnglishMost of our writing this term will be completed through our topics. 
The children will be writing descriptions based on the characters and settings from our whole class reading book ‘Street Child’. Following on from this, they will write biographies on a famous scientist that help us understand evolution and the greatest novelist of the Victorian Era.

In our second half term, the children will be writing a non chronological report, a letter and a balanced argument as well as a diary entry.

Your child should be reading every day for a minimum of 30 mins.  Encourage your child to get cosy and comfortable when reading.  

Do you set a good example? Could you set aside 30 mins of family reading time where the house is nice and quiet?  Read the books they are reading so you can engage in exciting dialogue, discussing character, setting and storyline as well as making predictions and inferring why certain events may occur or why characters behave in the recorded manner.  How does the author take you on this exciting journey?

Talk about any new, interesting or difficult vocabulary that they meet.  Do they need to use a dictionary to gain a better understanding?
Books can be expensive to buy but a library ticket would enable your child to access a wide variety of literature for free.  

The book we will reading this term: Street Child by Berlie Doherty and Holes by Louis Sachar.
Phonics/SpellingGrammar will be taught to develop technical skills that they can apply to their writing.Spelling lists can be found here  Years 3&4 and Years 5&6Encourage your child to use a dictionary to support their vocabulary, when completing their homework.
Creative CurriculumRevolution
In this term, the children will learn about the life in Victorian times developing their knowledge about Victorian culture, including significant people and inventions of the time.

Frozen Kingdom

In the second term, the children will learn about the characteristics and features of polar regions, including the North and South Poles, and includes a detailed exploration of the environmental factors that shape and influence them.

It would be beneficial for your child to visit a library. There is a great bank of books to support their research and learning.

MathsDuring this term we will be covering:
Place value
Addition and subtraction
Multiplication and division.
Converting units

Please visit the White Rose website, where you can find videos to recap their learning.
Continue to focus on times tables.
Make sure your child has regular access to Times Tables Rockstars – they really enjoy battling with their friends (and teachers) and it is an excellent way to improve their recall of all tables.

We will use to set homework, however the children can use it anytime to practise something we have learnt or test to make sure they that they can remember.

PSHEThe following topics will be covered within PSHE:

Conflict resolution
Healthy lifestyles
Drug education – risks and the media
Protecting characteristics and bullying.

Encourage your child to discuss their feelings, share their concerns and pressures they may feel throughout the year.

With a busy year ahead, it is important that we support the children as best we can to find solutions to manage ‘big’ feelings and uncertainties.

It might also be beneficial to discuss budgeting and savings with them, if you haven’t already, as this knowledge will enable their future financial choices.
REJourney of life and death in Hinduism, Christianity and Sikhism.

-They will learn the ways in which religions often see life as a journey with rituals that celebrate the stages. 
-They will learn the different beliefs about life after death and what teachings they are based upon.
Talk about the things we are learning.

By being respectful about all religions when discussion around religion occurs.  This may be through reading/watching the news or programmes.
PEAll for Sport (Thursday)

PE kit MUST be in school at all times and CLEARLY LABELLED with your child’s name.  Long hair must be tied back for all sport activities.  Earrings will be required to be removed during physical exercise – if ears are newly pierced then they must be taped for safety reasons. Children well enough to be in school will be expected to participate in the activities.
KS2 – Spanish/MusicThe children receive music lessons weekly with a specialist teacher.

Spanish is taught weekly.
Encourage your children to listen to a wide range of different music styles.

Ask your child about their learning.  


Your child will be taught reading and how to comprehend complex texts as part of whole class reading sessions.  In addition to this, they are expected to read a book of their choice during the course of a half term which they should have in school every day. 

We are looking forward to a busy but rewarding final term and would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Miss Shah & Miss Kontos