18th June 2018


office email:




Week ending:




Please note any children arriving in school

after 9.15 a.m. will be marked in the

register as an ‘unauthorised absence’.

This may then trigger a meeting with the school’s Educational Social Worker (ESW)

to discuss punctuality.


Well done to RR for great attendance last week and well done to Y6 for super attendance too. 






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Year 6


Whole School Average





WOW!!!!! What a fun, festive and successful fair we had on Saturday!! We sincerely hope everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed the fair as much as we did. FOMS are thrilled to announce the fair raised a whopping £5880!!! That is an amazing amount and will go straight towards funding the new Sensory Trail to be built over the summer so THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support FOMS and the school.

We are extremely appreciative for all the support we received to help the fair be such a successful event. We saw a real community spirit in action that was truly inspiring.  Thank you to the teachers, parents and wider community who came to help at our coffee morning, to set-up on Friday night and Saturday morning, and to those who stayed to help clean up. Your contributions really helped make it a seamless event. Thank you to everyone who donated food or volunteered your time to help run a stall. There are a few people who gave much of their time or effort to support the fair that we would like to individually give recognition to as we are very grateful for their efforts:

-          Thank you to Haart Estate Agents for sponsoring the fair and putting up the boards to advertise the fair.

-          A big THANK YOU to Jay (dad from 3C and 1K) and Rahul (dad from 3P and 1D) for taking charge of the BBQ all day and cooking all the meat for us – it was delicious!

-          The parents from 3C pooled their money together to purchase FOMS an awesome new BBQ that we used on the day. They raised so much they also contributed to the cost of the meat which was a lovely gesture from them. Thank you!!

-          In the run up to the fair, students Irmak and Sean (3C) and Ege (1K) held a lemonade and cookie stand outside of their house and raised £175 that they gave to support the fair. What an amazing gesture from very thoughtful students, thank you!

-          Thank you to Noa (mum from 2S) who used her amazing graphic design skills to produce the lovely posters and flyers that went up around school to advertise the fair.

-          Thank you, Francesca, (mum from RL) who created posters and flyers that provided information about FOMS, who we are, how we help the school and what we raise money for.

-          Thank you to Jo (mum from 3P and RR) for organising the face-painting and to Betka (mum from 2D) for organising the arts and crafts table.

Thank you again to everyone who supported the fair in a variety of ways. Your contributions have not only helped make the fair a success, but they also have a huge impact on creating the positive school community that we can all take pride in.


Many best wishes,

The FOMS Committee

Morgan (Chair) – Y3C, Y1D                Jenny (Secretary) - Y2D                      Pri (Treasurer) - Y2D, Y2S

Carolyn            -Y3C, Y1K                     Giuliana-Y3C, RR                                  Svetlana – Y2D, RL

Valentina – Y2S, RR                            Clare – Y1D, RL                                   Rupali – Y3P

Rajeh – Y1D                                        Sab – Y1K                                             Anthea – Y3C, Y1D

Elly – Y6, Y4, RR



You have all received a letter outlining what needs to happen tomorrow for children who are taking part in both events. If you have not received a letter, please contact the office.

If you are going to have any difficulties transporting your child from Allianz Park to the Arts Depot after the athletics, please liaise with other parents who are already taking their own child. I’m sure they can help with lifts.

Children attending both events are: Andrea 6, May 6, Kesia 6, Sofian 5, Seb 5, Philip 5, Grace 5, Michaela 5, Leyla 5, Isla 4 and Tiahn 3C. If you are struggling to get sorted, please let me know. Mrs Adak.



There is an author visiting KS2 on 25th June whose name is Harrison Sansotri.  The children have already received leaflets and flyers.  We need an idea of book numbers by Thursday 21st, so we can ensure he brings enough along on the day.  He will also be around at the end of the day to sign books.


He is inspirational and he visited our school previously, captivating his audience.  He's about 17, 18 now.  He has a link where the children can research him, if they wish -


Many thanks


Katrina Donaghy

Literacy Co-ordinator




This half term we will be launching the inaugural Monkfrith Spelling Bee.  This is will be one of many different types of competitions and activities that the children will have the opportunity to compete in as part of our new House Group system.  


We are hoping this will be a fun experience and encourage children to practise and apply their spelling rules.


During the next few weeks, the children will be completing a spelling test in their class to determine who will take part in the class Spelling Bee. From here, two children will be entered into the Grand Final, where they will be tested on their spelling of words from the national curriculum and other sources. 

How the competition works:

-       Your child will complete a written spelling test in class based on words and spelling rules appropriate for their year group.

-       The top 6 children will take part in a class Spelling Bee in front of their classmates.

-       The top 2 from the Spelling Bee will be entered into the Grand Final. 

-       In the Grand Final, the finalists will spell words appropriate for their year group and beyond so as to test them at an age-related level

-       The overall winner for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will win the Spelling Bee Trophy for their house.


We understand that some children have to work very hard to learn spellings and find it challenging.  The idea of the competition is to celebrate all the hard work that the children do to learn spellings and to be one of a number of new ways that they can work together in their new Houses.


Jude Deasey




Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Mrs Whent, is holding two consultation meetings to discuss updating Monkfrith’s SEN Policy and SEN Information Report. We are keen to seek parents/carers input into the development of these two documents, which are available on the school’s website. The meetings are being held at school on Wednesday 27th June from 5.00 to 6.00pm and Tuesday 3rd July 9.00-10.00am. Please contact the office and leave a message for Mrs Whent if you would like to attend one of the meetings and give your views.​


SRE MEETING FOR PARENTS-today at 3.30 p.m. in the hall

This is an opportunity for you to come and look at the resources we will be using to teach your children in SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) over the next few weeks. Teachers will be available to discuss the resources with you at the session.



Camp Dates - 23rd of July- 10th August

Times - From 8am - 5pm Monday-Friday


Some of our theme days and activities on offer this summer holiday - World Cup Day, Marvel & DC Superhero Day, Wild Water Day, Olympic Day, Science Mad, Sports Extravaganza and many more.


Cost - From £30 per day

Sibling discounts available

Dream It...Believe It...Achieve It!



Please check your Parentpay account to make sure that you are up to date with dinner money and Breakfast/Afterschool Club payments. Thank you.



Wed 20th June:     9.00 a.m. - Y6

                                2.45 p.m. - Reception L



Don’t forget to book your child in for either of the discos. Spaces are going fast!



Mon 18th June:                 Class and team photos. Please make sure children have a sweatshirt or cardigan in school.


Tuesday 19th June:           KS2 choir to Barnet Music festival

                                            Selected team to Barnet Sports Festival at Allianz Park


Friday 22nd June:              Football festival at Livingstone school (teams TBA) Noon-3.00 p.m.


Tues 26th June:                 6.00 p.m. Kingswood information meeting for Y4 parents( in Y5 classroom).


Wed 27th June:                 Y1 and Y2 sports in bottom playground from 9.30 a.m. Families welcome to watch.


Thurs 28th June:                Reception trip to Aldenham Country Park

                                             KS2 sports afternoon in Oakhill Park from 1.30 p.m. Families welcome to watch.


Wed 4th July:                     Y2 trip to the London Aquarium, packed lunch required


Friday 6th July:                   Disco mania! Rec, Y1 and Y2: 4.45-5.30 p.m.

                                                                     KS2:  5.45-6.45

Mon 9th July:                     Gymnastics display for Bev’s students: 1.30 in the hall.


Tuesday 17th July:             Mrs Ross and Mrs Adak’s Farewell tea party between 2.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.


Thurs 19th July:                  Y6 Leavers’ show 9.30 a.m. for Y6 families.

                                             School closes at 2.00 p.m. for the end of the school year.

                                             Y6 Leavers’ disco from 7.00 p.m.-9.00 p.m.