9th January 2017


office email:

Happy New 2017! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and an opportunity to recharge your batteries ready for the new year. Thank you very much for all of my lovely presents at the end of term, I’m a very lucky headteacher!



From now on, please use the email at the top of the newsletter to report absences or send notes to the office. Thank you.



Some extremely large bows seem to be appearing on quite a few heads across the school. They are very lovely but not suitable as school wear. Please ensure any items worn in hair have a purpose and are not too large-no diamante required!


Barnet council is consulting on changes to the admission arrangements for Barnet community schools. The following changes are being proposed:

  1. To give priority for places to children of teaching staff of the school where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made and will be in employment as a teacher at the school when the child starts school.
  2. To amend the In-Year admission oversubscription criterion, which gives priority to former pupils at the school, restricting this priority to former pupils without a school place that live in the geographical area and have attended the school in the previous 12 months.

The consultation will run until 31 January 2017 and can also be viewed online at 

We encourage all parents to express their views by taking part in the online survey



Alexandra in Y5, talked to the children in assembly today about her connection to the Royal Brompton Hospital. She has been a frequent patient there since she was very small, due to a heart condition and has been looked after very well by them. She and some of her Y5 friends would like to do some fundraising for the hospital over the next few weeks. At 8.30 a.m on Friday they will be selling toys at the main gate on Monkfrith Way for a £1 donation. If your child would like to make a donation, please send them in with £1 on Friday morning. 

The team will also be organising a cake sale to hold at the end of the school day in the next few weeks so watch this space.



Wednesday 18th January at 9.00 a.m.- Y6LD

Wednesday 25th January at 9.00 a.m.-Y3

Wednesday 1st February at 9.00 a.m.-Y4

All families and friends welcome.


ART CLUBS IN JANUARY-starting this week

Key stage 1 Wednesday 12.15-1.15 (Y1 and 2) : 11 Jan, 18 Jan, 25 Jan, 1 Feb, 8 Feb.

Roksana (2D), Olivia (2S), Louis(2S), Nicholas (2S), Irmak (2D), Lexie (1C), Jasper (1D), Lemoni (2D), Josiah (1C), Demetrios (1D), Mehr (2S), Jaidon(2S) FULL.


Key stage 2 Thursday 3.30-4.45 (Y3-6) : 12 Jan, 19 Jan, 26 Jan, 2 Feb, 9 Feb

Philip (4), Michaela (4), Harini (6), Arun (4), Hannah (6), Charlotte (3), Mia (3), Ezra (3), Ruby W (6), Reve (Y3), Lily (6), Haris (Y4) FULL

Please send in £3 on the first session only.

Anyone who has requested, but hasn’t been offered a space in January, will stay on the waiting list for the club after the February half-term break.



If you would like to pay for the whole of this half-term the cost will be £58.05 (27days X £2.15= £58.05). Otherwise, weekly payments need to be made in advance every Monday morning (£10.75 per week).Please make all cheques payable to ‘Monkfrith School’. Thank you.



Dear All,


Below are the Ward crime stats for December. Firstly some more good news, burglary was down last month when compared with December last year and the year before. In 2014 we had 14 burglaries in December, last year there were 12 burglaries, this year there were 6 burglaries (plus 3 of these were attempted burglaries where the suspects did not manage to get inside the property they were targeting).


For those of you who are interested in getting more involved our next Ward Panel Meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th January from 6.30pm to 8pm, in one of the conference rooms at the North London Business Park on Oakleigh Road South N11. If you have not been to one of these meetings before and would like to attend you are more than welcome to but please send me an email beforehand so I can confirm your attendance.






PCSO Justin Burda | Brunswick Park Safer Neighbourhood Team 
Tel: 0207 161 8020 | Email:
 29 Friern Barnet Road N11



We are delighted to have our kitchen up and running again. Our new kitchen manager, Jenny, is settling in with her new team. Reception children had their first proper school lunch yesterday and they were fantastic. They coped very well with all the new things to do and the kitchen staff were very impressed with their lovely manners. Our dining room is still rather restricted as we only have a third of the space as the new extension is currently being decorated but we hope to have the whole space to use very soon.



Tues 10th January: Guitar lessons start

Wed 11th January: Woodwind lessons start.

Wed 11th January: Y6 football tournament (selected team)

Thurs 12th January: French and Drama club start. Piano starts.

Fri 13th January: First payment for Y6 IOW trip due.

Fri 13th January: After school football club starts

Mon 16th January: y5 trip to Science Museum (packed lunch required)

Mon 30th January: Y6D to Royal Institute (packed lunch required)

Tues 31st January: Y6LD to Royal Institute (packed lunch required)

Wed 8th February: 9.30 Key Stage 1 Concert (Y1 and Y2). Parents welcome.

Thurs 9th February: 9.30 Reception parents coffee morning

Fri 10th February: Second payment for Y6 IOW trip due.

Mon 13th Feb-Fri 17th Feb: Half term holiday ( school closes at the usual time, After School Club in operation)