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18th April 2017


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Week ending:


Please note any children arriving in school after 9.15 a.m. will be marked in the register as an ‘unauthorised absence’. This may then trigger a meeting with the school’s Educational Social Worker (ESW) to discuss punctuality.


We had a very poor week for attendance just before the holiday, it’s the first time our whole school attendance has dropped below our target of 95%. Let’s hope everyone has had a good rest over the holiday and is ready to be in school every day until the summer break! Well done to Y2S for the best attendance in Key Stage 1 and well done to Y4 for the highest attendance in Key Stage 2 in the week before the holiday!


Have look at the information below to give you more of an idea how absence can affect a child’s learning.

Reception C


Reception R


Year 1C


Year 1D


Year 2S


Year 2D


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6D


Year 6LD


Whole School Average



​Attendance during the school year

Equates to days absent​

​Which is approximately

​The number of lessons missed


​10 days

​2 weeks

​60 lessons


​19 days

​4 weeks

​120 lessons


​29 days

​6 weeks

​180 lessons



We have two parent governor vacancies on the governing body and invite all interested parents to apply for the position by 28th April. If we receive more than two applications then a parent governor election will follow. All applicants who applied for the parent governor position just before the spring break will automatically be re-entered into this process unless they have notified us that they would like to withdraw.


Parent election letters and nomination forms will be emailed out today and can also be downloaded on the governor download page of the school website.


Being a governor is really rewarding and gives you the opportunity to make a very real difference to the education, welfare and experience that all children have at Monkfrith. We welcome entries from any parent but on this occasion we are keen to recruit at least one governor with financial management experience who may wish to join / chair our finance committee.


For more details about the role of the governing body please see the governor pages on the website. The 2016 governing body annual statement will give you an insight into the issues governors have addressed over the past year. Please also feel free to approach some of our current parent governors or to email the Chair of Governors at to find out more about the role.




All  children in Years 2 and 6 are subject to statutory assessments. 

In Year 6 this is a formal process, in which the tests must be administered at specific times and on specific days during the week commencing 8th May.  These tests (in Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Maths) are marked externally and information is provided to parents in July.  A judgement for writing is based on teacher assessment across the independent writing completed in Year 6.  Teacher judgements will also be provided to parents in July.

In Year 2 the statutory assessment is based on teacher judgement.  There are some tests, which the children take in in Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Maths, although this will be done far less formally over a much longer period of time during May.  These tests are part of a range of evidence (which includes knowledge of the children and the work they do in class) that the teachers will use to make their decision.  Information about your child’s achievement will also be provided in July with their report.  

If you would like to know more, then please speak to your child’s class teacher.



Miss Candler will be running in the London Marathon on 23rd April to support the mental health charity MIND. Any sponsorship would be greatly appreciated. Please visit her ‘Just Giving’ page to make a donation or for more information.




Thank you to all the parents and children who came along to support the Spring cake sale. Thank you also to everyone who sent in cakes on the day. We raised over £500! You are all so generous, thanks again.


Thanks and best wishes,
FOMS committee



KS1 choir is starting back again on Tuesday 25th April (lunchtime) in the new Activity Studio, for the summer term.  Thank you for your patience during the building works. Welcome back to previous members and new ones, from Years 1 & 2.  As before, we'll sing a wide range of songs, and work towards a performance together with KS2 choir at the end of the Summer term.  Please contact Ruth to enrol your child (07977 569076).



Please let us know by 9.15 a.m. (at the latest), if your child is going to be absent from school. You can notify us by phone, email or by returning a text we have sent to you.



We are holding a second hand book sale soon to raise some funds for new books for the children to use at playtimes. If you have any books your children have grown out of and you would like to donate them, please send them into school from now. Thank you.



Tuesday 18th April: Guitar starts

Thursday 20 April: Football training starts

Friday 21st April: Swimming for Y4 starts

Tuesday 25th April: Key Stage 1 lunch time choir starts again with Ruth.

Wednesday 26th April: Y3 Natural History Nuseum trip (packed lunch required)

Friday 28th April: IOW 4th payment due for 6LD

Tuesday 9th May: Y5 Architecture workshop in school

Wednesday 10th May: Kingswood meeting for Y4 parents at 4.30 p.m. in the Y5 classroom.

Sunday 21st- 26th May: Y6LD trip to the Isle of Wight (Parents-please note that children will need to be collected promptly as the school is closed for training that day and there is no after school club)

Tuesday 23rd May: Moat Mount meeting for Y3 parents in Y4 classroom at 5.30 p.m.

Thursday 25th May: school closes for the half term break at the usual time.

Monday 5th June: Back to school at the usual time.


KEY STAGE 2 CHOIR  starts Thursday 20th April at 8.15 a.m.


If you wish to pay for the whole of this half-term the cost will be £60.20 (28 days @ £2.15 per day). Please make cheques payable to ‘Monkfrith School’. If you wish to pay weekly then the cost is £10.75 and this must be paid every Monday in advance for the week. Please make sure that cash and cheques are sent into school via your child’s book bag in a named/labelled envelope. Please seal envelopes with cash very carefully, as coins do drop out from time to time.

NB: Y6LD-please pay £49.45 (minus 5 days when 6LD are in the Isle of Wight).


ART CLUBS starting this week

Key stage 1 Wednesday 12.15-1.15 (Y1 and 2) : 19 April, 26 April , 3 May, 10 May, 17 May.

Tom 2D, MiaD 2D, Diya 2D, Roksana 2D, Raphael 2S, Nancy 2S, Alexandria 2S, Irmak 2D, Jasper 1D, Amelia 2D, Kyra 1D, Deeya 2D. CLUB FULL.


Key stage 2 Thursday 3.30-5.00 (Y3-6) : 20 April, 27 April, 4 May, 11 May, 18 May.

Tanya Y6, Kardelen Y5, Lorin Y4, Reve Y3, Mia Y3, Harley Y4, Alara Y3, Sofian Y4, Yasmina Y6, Mikhail Y3, Ellie Y3, Yashvi Y4. CLUB FULL.


Please send in £3 on the first session only.

These are the last art clubs for this academic year, they will start up again in September.



Wednesday 10th May: RR assembly at 2.45 p.m. in the hall

Wednesday 17th May: RC assembly at 2.45 p.m. in the hall