Year 1D


Welcome to Year 1 with Miss Donaghy.

Dear 1D and parents,

This year has been really wonderful.  We have worked really hard and had lots of fun into the bargain.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for enabling us to work so well together – it is definitely one that I will remember.  Your kindness and generosity has been much appreciated and I have felt quite overwhelmed by your sincere words and thoughtful gifts.  I wish you all a wonderful summer and know that Year 2 will be another fabulous year for you all.

Miss Donaghy

All the adults working in class would also like me to convey their thanks.

Mrs Forde (PPA cover), Miss Brown (morning TA), Miss Sossima (LSA)

& Mrs Bardini

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What a fabulous afternoon!  Both Year 1 classes had a brilliant time, which was the climax to our final topic.  Sadly Freddie Fox was involved in some conservation issues along with Hetty Hedgehog’s husband, so they were unable to attend.  Once the children had eaten their fill we did leave some tasty morsels for Freddie and his family to forage through later.  The children were a pleasure to take out.  Many thanks to the parent helpers but most especially to Jennai who was absolutely fantastic!


Prior to our trip to Oakhill Park the children needed to prepare the delicacies that they were to later enjoy.  They thoroughly enjoyed this experience, so in the Summer I’m sure they could lend a hand in the kitchen and become your sous chefs.


Our final topic has yielded some incredible writing.  It has been struggle to select a small amount for your enjoyment, as there have been so many wonderful samples.  The children have used their senses and ‘entered’ an Enchanted Woodland.  It was important for them to punctuate properly and use adjectives to enhance their sentences.  Where possible the children have also paragraphed their writing, according to the structure set up in their planning.  Read and enjoy!


From the 13th June tickets for children to attend the theatre are free for specific shows, throughout the month of August (with a full paying adult).  You can either google ‘kids week’ or click on this link kids week I hope you find something wonderful.


 Guided Readers:  Please ensure that the Guided Reader book, with the yellow sticker in the top right hand corner, is returned to school on a Wednesday.  It is important to return these as other children in the school are waiting to make use of the resource.  Many thanks for your help in this matter.


Following Parent Consultations I would like to direct you to the Mr Thorne website.  At the top click on the ‘Videos’ tab, which will drop down a menu.  Select the ‘Phase’ tab and choose from 3 upwards.  I have also compiled a list of useful websites/games you may like to use with your child. usefulenglishwebsites

Homework Ideas: 

  • Take your child to the park and encourage them to explore the larger play equipment
  • Make salt dough and get creative!
  • Setting up and playing games like ‘Kerplunk’ and ‘Operation’
  • Stretching and twisting elastic bands
  • Hama bead work
  • Careful colouring
  • Sorting objects according to different criteria (colour/size), using tweezers to move the objects
  • Talking on the walk home about the numbers on the houses (are they odd or even?)

Have fun!