Our Year in Pictures

Year 3’s first African drumming lesson. We really enjoyed it. 

Steve McQueen is creating a portrait of London’s Year 3 pupils to be displayed in the Tate Britain from November 2019 for seven months. 3P were super excited to be part of this. Here are some photos from the experience. 

Year 3 archeology lesson dissecting Stone Age organic remains to discover what they ate all those year ago. 

Cruella De Vil visited Year 3 

To start Year 3’s Heroes and Villains topic, Year 3 found some evidence and then had a surprise visit from Cruella De Vil.

Safari Pete visits Year 3 

3P enjoyed an unusual experience when Safari Pete brought his predators to our classroom. Drake the snake, Juilet the barn owl, Meerkats Evil Steve and Baby Bear, Boo Boo the Monitor Lizard and Pinchy the scorpion to name a few of the animals that were in our classroom. Enjoy the photos below: